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welcome to charlie bites, home of the best dessert sNack :)

There's nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with chocolate.

Charlie Bites are premium chocolate-coated cornflakes that are irressistibly delicious. We offer a variety of flavours from the classic Oreo to tropical flavours like mango and strawberry. Made in Canada, we only serve the best.

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Don't be Selfish. Spread the Bites.

We want all of your friends to taste the awesomeness of Charlie Bites.



A variety of sizes and options that will feed every bit of your craving. Let us know how much you want these badboys.

placeholder-thumbnail FIESTA TRAY 1000g
  • 10 - 15 people
  • up to 4 flavours
  • min. 5 days prep time
  • custom available
  • Got the whole clan coming? Serve this at family gatherings, holidays, corporate events, birthdays, weddings, baby showers, you name it! Just make sure to get enough for everyone;)


placeholder-thumbnail PARTY TRAY 500g
  • 5 - 10 people
  • up to 3 flavours
  • min. 5 days prep time
  • custom available
  • Party Perfect! Serve up at birthday parties and small gatherings and get everyone snackin'!


placeholder-thumbnail FAMILY BOX 250g
  • 3 - 5 people
  • up to 2 flavours
  • min. 2 days prep time
  • Just enough for the family to snack as a dessert or munch at while watching your favourite shows.


placeholder-thumbnail SNACK PACK 120g
  • 1 person, 2 IF you can share
  • up to 2 flavours
  • min. 2 days prep time
  • Reward yourself. Go on, take the whole pack. No sharing required.


placeholder-thumbnail Special Orders
  • Custom labels
  • Unique Packaging
  • Add-ons & Extras
  • For party bags, wedding giveaways, giving out gifts, any event, any occasion, we've got you covered! From tin boxes to corrugated pouches, we have different packages, sizes and labels for you to choose from that will suit your needs. Even add on some red ribbons for safety.

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About Us

In 2013, Charlie Bites was created by the Dumrique Brothers, Charles, John and Jonathan. The idea came about when one of our most favourite childhood snacks from the Philippines, the chocolate-covered cornflakes, wasn't available here in Canada. We were determined to relive the taste but our search came up empty. Then it hit us, why can't we just make it ourselves and make a better and more delicious snack? We sought out the best ingredients and recipes to make the most luscious and rich chocolate snacks. We created a premium tasting product and added more flavours that will keep you craving for more. We craft them by hand and we assure you the best quality there is. Our product is a delicacy and when you decide to reward yourself, we'll make sure it's worth it.


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Meet The Crew

Meet the people who burn the midnight light to give you every single bite.


Charles Dumrique

Founder, Numbers Geek

Still currently a UTSC student. I got the abs to kill.


John Dumrique

Founder, Lead Designer

I can draw like Jack, will you be my Rose?


Joelle Navarro

Communications Director

The beauty and the brains. The Rose in the garden.


Jonathan Dumrique


Married to the lovley Gel Afable, sorry ladies ;)


Gel Afable

Master Baker

Married to Jonathan Dumrique, sorry boys ;)


Ramon Pattugalan

Illustrator, Food Tester

Rrrramooooaaan. Not Single. Anymore.


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647 867 SevenFiveZeroFive
647 975 FiveNineSevenEight


Scarborough, ON

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Ingredients, Nutritional Facts and Everything Else

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